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Finnish Operating Room Nurses Association – 30 years 1988 – 2018

Finnish Operating Room Nurses Association is a national association founded in 1988. It aims to develop perioperative nursing, supervise ideological and professional interests and to advance international co-operation.

The association supports its members professional development by awarding scholarships twice a year towards participation in national and international training.

Upon applications, members can receive a scholarship for research and developmental projects.Finnish Operating Room Nurses Association, as a full member, collaborates with EORNA (European Operating Room Nurses Association) emphasizing Nordic co-operation and participates in organizing the European congress every two years.FORNA also participates in the activities of Nordic Operating Room Nurses Association (NORNA). In addition the association works closely with AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, USA).

FORNA activities

Registered nurses with an interest towards perioperative nursing can become a member of FORNA. Number of members is approximately 1600. FORNA works in co-operation with public health care associations, enterprises, educational establishments and international co-operating associations.The Pinsetti magazine is published four times a year and discusses current perioperative nursing issues, as well as medical issues. Pinsetti supports the professional identity of operating room nurses and maintains and develops practical skills and expertiseAnnual national congress is an important part of the FORNA’s work.